Planning and Platforms

Ease your squeeze by learning how to coordinate your caregiving schedule.

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Course is open! Are you tired of trying to coordinate your caregiving schedule with other family members and the rest of your life? Join now to learn how to coordinate your caregiving schedules and streamline your group calendars. Save time and your sanity with step-by-step instructions for the best caregiving calendar systems.

What’s Included?

Exclusive Content

Learn how you can ease your squeeze with unique content just for our Squeezers.

Supportive Community

Join the Squeezer community where others understand your current life stressors.

Actionable Tools

Learn what calendar platforms are available and what each offers to simplify your life.

Communication Tips

Get tips to minimize communication issues with your caregiving team and limit overwhelm.


Step-by-step instructions to help you get up and organized quickly and easily.


Free Resources

Get a list of helpful resources to further assist you manage this challenging time of life.

Course Content

Section 1

Lessons Overview
  • Multigenerational Caregiver
  • What Do You Need?
  • Asking for Help

Section 2

Lessons Overview
  • Platform Choices
  • How to Choose Your Platform
  • Setting Up Your Platform

Section 3

Lessons Overview
How to Maintain Effective Communication

Section 4

Lessons Overview
Case Study
Course References

Streamline and Simplify Your Life

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