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Cris Roskelley, LMFT

Dianne Kraaijvanger, PsyD

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  • School models
  • Decision-Making Tips
  • Learning Pods

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Ep4: School and Covid Unsqueezed

Real conversations with two therapists to support the generation squeezed between caring for children and aging parents.


[1:46] Overview of School Models

[7:12] Impact of School Decision on Sandwich Generation Squeeze

[8:24] Learning Pods

[10:24] Teachers and Sandwich Generation Squeeze

[12:20] Halftime Show: Audience Q&A

[16:21] Decision-Making Talking Points

[22:45] Trusting Other Parents

[29:14] Cris Shares a Joke


Show Notes

This episode is dedicated to all the parents out there who had to choose amongst the different school models for their kids this school year. Whether it is a done deal or you are still deciding, join the Squeezers as they discuss the different school models including which option fit their own family needs. This podcast is worth a listen!

With no simple or easy answers in sight, Cris and Dianne discuss the impact of the school decision on the Sandwich Generation Squeeze. They dive into the complex decision-making points and repercussions involved in choosing a school model, the fear of the unknown, and the frustration of uncertainty. They also discuss their thoughts on learning pods, teachers, and the overwhelm that comes along with it all.

Join the Squeezers as they continue to create a community of connection and support.

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