This Episode

Cris Roskelley, LMFT

Dianne Kraaijvanger, PsyD

You Will Learn

  • How to balance virtual dating during covid
  • How to balance dating and the Sandwich Generation Squeeze
  • What dating platforms are popular right now
  • How Terror Management Theory relates to dating

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EP6: Virtual Dating During Covid Unsqueezed

Real conversations with two therapists to support the generation squeezed between caring for children and aging parents.


Virtual dating during Covid is explored for those in the Sandwich Generation Squeeze with several listeners adding their own experiences and insights.

Join the Squeezers as this episode covers the how-to’s of virtual dating, the emotional and physical obstacles of dating during Covid, and how Covid may forever change the dating landscape. Listeners share their funny virtual dating stories, how they balance virtual dating during the Sandwich Generation Squeeze, and how technology has helped or hindered during this unique time in history. Cris and Dianne talk about their own dating histories, virtual speed dating, Terror Management Theory, online dating platforms, and how to find connection during the time of Covid.

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