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Cris Roskelley, LMFT

Dianne Kraaijvanger, PsyD

You Will Learn

  • Why boundaries are healthy during SGS
  • Types of boundaries
  • How to recognize a boundary is needed
  • What type of boundary breaches are common in SGS
  • How to set a boundary

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Ep1: Boundaries Unsqueezed

Real conversations with two therapists to support the generation squeezed between caring for children and aging parents.


[1:26] Why boundaries are important

[2:50] Five types of boundaries

[7:35] Spectrum of boundaries

[10:45] Boundary breaks

[11:45] Halftime show: Audience Q&A

[17:05] Signs you need to set a boundary

[20:42] How to set a boundary

[22:08] Common Sandwich Generation Squeeze boundary issues


Show Notes

We tackle the topic of boundaries in the Sandwich Generation Squeeze. Creating and learning how to have healthy boundaries is important for those stuck in the sandwich trying to care for both kids and aging parents. Having boundaries can ease the squeeze and allow you to express your authentic self.

Boundaries are about setting limits about what’s okay versus what’s not okay. Defining boundaries is an act of self-discovery and self-respect and helps relationships by communicating our limits and needs to others.

Five types of boundaries are highlighted including sexual, physical, talking, listening, and emotional boundaries. We discuss the spectrum of boundaries from rigid boundaries that might make someone seem walled off or unavailable for connection to porous boundaries that others might describe the person as being too needy and dependent. We describe how to achieve healthy boundaries that allow one to make choices that are authentic and balanced.

Boundary breaks are explored which can involve justifying someone’s behavior, feeling shame, and what it feels like when your decision is completely disregarded. We discuss how to recognize that a boundary needs to be set such as feeling anger, resentment, or overwhelm.

Common scenarios involving boundaries in the Sandwich Generation Squeeze are covered with tips and tools on how to set boundaries in effective and healthy ways.

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