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Cris Roskelley, LMFT

Dianne Kraaijvanger, PsyD

You Will Learn

  • How SGS affects sex
  • The importance of non-sexual touch
  • How to improve your sex life

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Ep2: Sex Unsqueezed

Real conversations with two therapists to support the generation squeezed between caring for children and aging parents.


[2:30] What people are saying about sex and the SGS

[4:15] What does sex mean to you?

[7:35] Talking with your partner

[9:10] Sex drive and age

[10:10] Importance of non-sexual touch

[11:05] Menopause and sex

[14:45] Caregiving and sex

[15:54] Halftime show: Audience Q&A

[23:25] Strategies to keep or reignite the flame


Show Notes

In Episode 2, we talk about sex during the Sandwich Generation Squeeze (SGS). So what is going on with people in the SGS and sex? We dive into how caregiving fatigue, sex drive, age, sexual beliefs, anxiety or depression, menopause, and relationship tension affect sex.

We examine sexless marriages where sex represents the relationship in terms of trust, vulnerability, safety, and desire. The importance of non-sexual touch is explored.

We discuss helpful strategies to keep or reignite the flame and how connection is the thread from intimacy to the bedroom.

Episode Transcript

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