Ep3: The Highly Sensitive Unsqueezed

Real conversations with two therapists to support the generation squeezed between caring for children and aging parents.


[0:35] What is a highly sensitive person?

[5:00] Cris and Dianne take the HSP test

[12:50] Introverts and extroverts in HSPs

[22:20] Halftime Show: Audience Q&A

[36:20] HSP as an innate trait

[38:20] The SGS impact on HSPs

[40:40] Kids and HSP

[42:42] Covid and HSP


Show Notes

Episode 3 is dedicated to the Highly Sensitive Person (HSP). We discussed how a HSP can approach the Sandwich Generation Squeeze (SGS) in various ways to ease the squeeze. The term HSP was coined by Dr. Elaine Aron, and it helped put a name to the personality trait. Sensitivity can be valued differently in different cultures, and in some cultures sensitivity can be used as a negative trait. This podcast turns that lens on its ear as we discuss HSP and all the positive attributes of the highly perceptive person.

We are stripping away the label and talking about the person… no labels, no judgment. HSPs processes things deeply, and their senses are heightened. Cris and Dianne go through Drs. Aron’s HSP self-test in an honest and hilarious manner. The listener will gain insight into some of their own answers and get to know the co-hosts on a more personal level.

This episode provides practical advice to help the HSP ease the squeeze. The differences between being introverted vs hypervigilant vs an inborn HSP are discussed including an HSPs ability to be aware of the temperature in the room and the ability to discern people’s actions, moods, and attitudes. This episode helps the HSP understand themselves more thoroughly to let their light shine during the Sandwich Generation Squeeze.

Episode Transcript

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